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On "4/20," Activists Highlight Relative Safety of Cannabis Compared to Alcohol
Written by SAFER   
Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kudos to these student activists with NORML and Students for Sensible Drug Policy, who used this year's 4/20 "marijuana holiday" to convey the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol. 

According to an article that appeared in the Washington State University newspaper, The Daily Evergreen:

About 30 students gathered on the sky bridge between the Lighty Student Services Building and the Glenn Terrell Mall Wednesda... with signs reading “Cannabis is safer than alcohol...

The same sentiment was also conveyed by activists just down the coast in Santa Cruz, Ca. From an article published by the San Jose Mercury News:

"Marijuana brings people together. I think its safer than alcohol. It is a medicine and you never hear of violence from smoking pot."

Former GOP Governor Tells News Outlets That Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol
Written by SAFER   
Wednesday, 06 April 2011

Former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has been all over the news lately discussing marijuana.  While talking to the Fox News Channel on Monday, the potential Republican presidential candidate said:

"I haven't had a drink of alcohol in 24 years. But having smoked marijuana and having drunk alcohol... there's a big difference between the two, and the difference is that marijuana is a lot safer than alcohol. It just doesn't have the negative behavioral consequences that alcohol does. And it will never be legal to smoke pot and become impaired and do harm to others. It'll never be legal to smoke pot and commit crime, just like alcohol."

Then, on Tuesday, Gov. Johnson conveyed a similar sentiment in a story in the Detroit Metro Times about the 40th Annual Hash Bash in Ann Arbor, MI.

"I've smoked marijuana in my life and drank alcohol," said Johnson. "I don't do either today, but I think that marijuana is a lot safer than alcohol.

In Colorado Town That Passed Legalization Initiative, Arrests Have Fallen and the Sky Has Not
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Monday, 21 March 2011

According to an article that appeared in this weekend's Summit Daily News, a 2008 citywide legalization initiative spearheaded by Sensible Colorado has made a very positive impact.  Arrests have plummeted, no problems have arisen, and this year was the popular ski town's busiest in a decade.

Of course we were very happy to see initiative proponent (and Sensible Colorado cofounder) Sean McAllister make this extemely compelling point:

“I think people who live here realize that marijuana is not as harmful as alcohol,” McAllister said. “I think there's more of an openness to it in the mountains.” 

NYC Activists Call for a Safer St. Patrick's Day
Written by SAFER   
Monday, 14 March 2011

 Over the past several years, SAFER has used the alcohol-fueled mayhem surrounding St. Patrick's Day to highlight the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol. Click HERE and HERE to see news stories about them.

This year, a group of activists in New York City are carrying the torch by calling on the city to allow partygoers to make the safer choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol that day, if that is what they prefer. 

Their press release is after the jump, or read it on-line at the


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