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Westword: Proposition 19 loss gives CO chance to be first state to legalize marijuana
Written by Michael Roberts   
Wednesday, 03 November 2010

Yesterday, we told you about the planned launch of, a drive to legalize marijuana for adult use in Colorado -- and noted that organizers planned to move forward even if Proposition 19, a similar measure in California, failed at the ballot box -- which it did. But advocates Mason Tvert and Brian Vicente, while downcast about the Prop. 19 results, see the opportunity to now cast Colorado in the history-making role.

Shortly after the die was cast last night, Tvert, of Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation, aka SAFER, and Vicente, who heads Sensible Colorado, jointly released statements expressing confidence that the Prop. 19 vote won't doom legalization efforts in Colorado. To the contrary, they suggest that the "no" vote in Cali will energize their push over the next two years.

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