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New York Post: Smokin' pot mamas!
Written by Sara Stewart   
Thursday, 23 June 2011

More and more NYC moms are using pot to unwind from the parenthood grind

...“There are an awful lot of moms I know of who smoke,” says Via. “I would never personally advocate that someone smoke in front of their young children, but I definitely think there are so many pluses, as far as stress [relief].”

One of the group’s platforms is that marijuana is highly preferable to booze — the mommy’s traditional go-to — because, they say, it doesn’t come with the negative behavioral side effects. A similar group, the Colorado-based Women’s Marijuana Movement, outlines these points on its Web site, citing studies from American Scientist and the US Centers for Disease Control: “Marijuana is far less toxic than alcohol. Long-term marijuana use is far less harmful than long-term alcohol use.”...


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