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Nationally Syndicated Columnist Takes On Colleges' Pro-Alcohol, Anti-Pot Policies
Written by SAFER   
Saturday, 17 September 2011

In his latest nationally syndicated column, bestselling author David Sirota takes on the hypocrisy of how colleges treat student marijuana use compared to student alcohol use.  He does a great job of highlighting the relative safety of marijuana and really raises some good questions about the efficacy -- and potential harm -- of campus policies that punish students more harshly for marijuana than for alcohol.  

Here's a great excerpt, and you can read the entire column at:

Though little noticed for their role in America’s selective War on Drugs, universities have become a key player shotgunning the oxymoronic “alcohol is acceptable but pot is evil” mentality down the beer-bong-primed throats of America’s youth. Consider the University of Colorado...

CU embodies the norm in our universities, almost all of which have harsher penalties for marijuana possession than alcohol use.

Though students at more than a dozen schools across the country recently voted for referenda demanding administrators equalize punishments, the initiatives have been ignored. Instead, school officials are fighting to instill America’s destructive drug-war mentality in the next generation. The result is the perpetuation of a toxic ethos that encourages us to party hard, but only with a substance that is far more dangerous than marijuana...


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