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Chicago Sun-Times profiles woman who says marijuana is "like a fine glass of wine"
Written by SAFER   
Friday, 04 November 2011

As Chicago considers decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, the media there has been looking deeper into the issue. The headline of one feature story from the Chicago Sun-Times caught our eye: "User says her marijuana is ‘like a fine glass of wine,’ should be legal."

The piece highlights a professional couple who consume marijuana and believe it should be legal. As the headline mentions, the woman, Kate, sees some similarities between marijuana and alcohol. 

Kate, 48, smokes about five times a week after work and on the weekends. Tom, 52, smokes almost as frequently.

They both have high-paying jobs in the financial industry. And they see themselves as connoisseurs.

“It’s like a fine glass of wine where you twirl it, swish it in your mouth. You savor it,” Kate said. “Some kinds are evergreen-smelling. Some are orangey, sticky. We like to try different strains and compare.”

The article then goes on to discuss the couple's belief that marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol and ought to be treated that way.  In fact, the man, Tom, mentions that he has taught his children that marijuana is the safer choice.

[K]ate, Tom and [NORML member Dan] Linn insist marijuana is less dangerous than other drugs or alcohol.

They strongly support the legalization of pot, which they equate with lifting the prohibition on alcohol in the 1933 with the 21st Amendment.

“As far as I know, nobody has ever died from an overdose of cannabis,” Linn said. “People die all the time from alcohol poisoning.”

Tom and Kate sometimes have a cocktail or glass of wine while they are smoking. But Tom said he tells his kids that between alcohol and pot, alcohol is the bigger evil.

“I don’t see how anybody who has sense can say alcohol should be legal but marijuana should be illegal,” Tom said.

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