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Colorado billboard depicts woman who "prefers marijuana over alcohol"
Written by SAFER   
Saturday, 07 April 2012
"Marijuana over alcohol" billboard in Colorado The campaign supporting the initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Colorado unveiled its first billboard this past week, and it is right on the SAFER message.

Hanging directly above a liquor store, the billboard displays a women in her forties, stating that she prefers marijuana over alcohol for a number of reasons, and then asking, "Does that makes me a bad person?" The campaign issued this statement regarding the billboard:
"This is the question we want individuals opposed to changing marijuana laws to consider. For far too long, society has looked down upon marijuana users. Despite the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, a significant segment of the population illogically considers the adult use of alcohol acceptable and the adult use of marijuana irresponsible. [SAFER emphasis added]"

Colorado campaign flyer The billboard also marked the beginning of a grassroots public education effort that also involves the distribution of flyers that convey a similar message and provide facts about the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol.

The release of the billboard generated a great deal of news interest, generating coverage by The Raw Story, the Denver Post, and a number of other media outlets.

The campaign is encouraging supporters of marijuana reform nationwide to share the billboard with friends and family as a way to start a conversation about marijuana.


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