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Mother's Day TV ad features young woman telling her mom why she prefers marijuana over alcohol
Written by SAFER   
Saturday, 12 May 2012

The first TV ad from the campaign in support of the initiative to regulate marijuana, titled "Dear Mom," was released just in time for Mother's Day weekend.

The ad, which was aired during NBC's "Today Show," "Ellen," and "The Doctors," features a young women composing a letter to her mother, explaining how she used to drink a lot in college, but as an adult she now prefers marijuana. She mentions that marijuana is less harmful to her body than alcohol and that she feels more comfortable around marijuana users.

The ad ends with the young woman suggesting that she and her mother talk about the issue. The campaign has featured the ad as part of it's Talk It Up project, which encourages supporters to start conversations about marijuana with family and friends to make sure they understand the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol. You can do just that by visiting their action page, where you can share the video via Facebook, Twitter, and email.



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