Tackle the Hypocrisy!

Tell the NFL to stop driving its players to drink.

Kevin Faulk

This past weekend, the National Football League suspended New England Patriots superstar running back Kevin Faulk and fined him two week's pay -- approximately $300,000 -- for possessing a small amount of marijuana. Yet, the NFL receives hundreds of millions of dollars in sponsorships and advertising from companies that produce and sell a far more harmful substance: ALCOHOL. 

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Players with the National Football League who use marijuana instead of alcohol to relax and recreate are making a rational choice to use a less harmful substance. 

Suspending these players and taking away hundreds of thousands (or sometimes millions) of dollars for using marijuana is driving them to use alcohol, a drug that -- unlike marijuana -- contributes to violent and aggressive behavior.SAFER - Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation

Unless the NFL plans to suspend every player who receives a speeding ticket -- which is considered an offense on par with marijuana possession in some states -- it has absolutely no reason to suspend players for the simple use and possession of marijuana. Doing so is not only irrational, but given the NFL's acceptance and blatant promotion of alcohol, it is exceptionally hypocritical.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol and the National Football League's substance abuse policy should be changed immediately to reflect that fact.